Is Vasectomy Worth It?

If you are considering getting a Vasectomy, definitely think twice.  From a spiritual understanding, I’ve heard it’s not a good idea, for one is giving up one of his power.  Also, this process would permanently disconnect the natural flow and rhythm of the sperm to semen prior to the ejaculation process.

Seriously, if you are a healthy person, think about this, what if you ended up having other health problems from the procedure.   I’ve also heard those who have vasectomy also speed up difficulty with their prostates.  Thus, it seems that shutting off the flow of sperms can create many difficulty within the body.

It’s understandable that creating a baby by chance can be a lot of headaches and heartaches, but there are ways to help prevent this that are much safer and healthier. There are two ways that are safe: 1) Use condemn gentlemen, 2) Have UNPROTECTED SEX ONLY during her menstrual period and ONLY 1-week afterward.  If the 2nd method turns you off, you are missing out as blood is believed to be sacred by the ancient.

In conclusion, we all need to learn how to honor and work with our body and not condemn them by just cutting and abandoning parts of ourselves.

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