How To Be Healthy

Many of us actually think we know “How to be healthy.”  Really, how hard can it be right?  Just eat right, get enough sleep and exercise.  The question is TO BE or NOT TO BE?  The truth is, it’s not easy to be healthy.  If we think there’s actually perfection out there, we can dream on, it’s impossible to be perfect (perfect looks, perfect health, perfect child, perfect parents, perfect world?).

Anyway, it’s not easy to be healthy.  We all realize this soon or later.  So, where do we go from here.  As a human being, we have to consider four major aspects about ourselves.  Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being, all four aspects shape and make each of us who we are today.  Therefore, the answer to “How to be healthy?” really lies in balancing and nurturing all these four aspects of ourselves.  All 4-aspects (PEMS), are vital to our well being.

Going forward, we will explore and address some of the pressing issues and causes that many are facing and struggling with today (i.e. headaches, skin problems, low energy, depressions, diabetes, cancer, aids, and others).

For now, if we want to be healthy – we can start here…

1. Go organic as much as you can.  Organic products works with the body, GMO does the opposite.
2. Avoid/minimize electronic devices, if you get itchy from wifi- use a blow dryer for temporary relief.
3. Think positive, relax more and do things that bring joy and laughter to you and your love ones.
4. Avoid/cut down on too much coffee, salt, sugar, junk food, prepared food, alcohol, medication, etc.  Those weaken the body regardless on how much it comforts or make us feel good.
5. Get out in nature and get some vitamin D3 from the sun.
6. Lastly, don’t worry too much life has many surprises. Just ask for the good ones.

Remember, love is all around, it’s there when we smile.